If You Had a Time Machine….travel all this month!

If You Had a Time Machine is the theme of this year’s Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts (PIFA)

The journey takes us from the Big Bang to the invention of casual Fridays, and from a family-friendly puppet show in 1876 to the landing of Columbus in 1492, as the artists feverishly work together across time and space, crossing and blending a variety of styles…

PIFA also provides audiences of all ages… a time travel experience through the Time Machine art installation. Centrally located in the Kimmel Center’s Plaza, this cylindrical tunnel serves up an interactive light and sound experience during the day time hours, and at night becomes a dynamic sculptural experience. Also in the Plaza in the twice-daily FREE musical show, Flash of Time, Tuesday through Sunday at 7  p.m and 10:30 p.m.

Music, dance, theater, exhibitions, lectures, and one amazing street fair on the final day, April 27th all based on this year’s theme Time Travel, and all happening this month. Check out their amazing website and try not to get lost in all the possibilities. Ticket prices range from free to $2 – $35 – ?

This weekend, two all-female dance companies, Pasión y Arte and Fresh Blood, a Flamenco and postmodern dance company, will interweave women’s stories through the layering of text, song and dance beginning in 1096 with the birth of the first woman gynecologist. On stage at Verizon Hall, the Choir of Kings College from Cambridge celebrates the birthday of Benjamin Britten. And you can take  flying trapeze lessons from the Fly School Circus Arts – this two hour class is for ages 6 years old to adults. And then there’s the theater, and jazz, and portrait exhibit – and that’s just over the next few days!

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