Stay in town this first weekend in May

Start the weekend at Java Good Day Cafe on Friday, May 3rd (and maybe bring your guitar, fiddle or whatever instrument you can carry) for Open Mic night from 7 p.m. – 11 p.m., 231 Main Street, East Greenville.

Saturday afternoon, walk down to Perkiomen School at 200 Seminary Avenue, Pennsburg, and take a look at Our Stories: Turning Our Community Inside Out (3 p.m. on May 4th). 7th Grade art students collected over 250 stories and portraits of students, faculty, alumni, and Upper Perk community members.

Huge posters have been printed, via international art activist, JR’s Inside Out Project. Campus will become a canvas. See funny, scary, serious, and bizarre facial expressions. Read amusing, honest, and entertaining stories. Gather for fellowship and conversation.

Saturday night it’s back to Java Good Day Cafe for a concert by Analog Velvet, from 8 p.m. – 10 p.m. Alicia Burke and Nick Roberti meld rock, folk & pop influences into a musical style that is utterly unique.

Known especially for their shimmering vocal harmonies and thought-provoking lyrics, the Pennsylvania-based duo combines original music with an eclectic mix of covers to deliver a show that is seductive, soulful and always surprising.  Band members have performed at venues as diverse as the White House, the Houston Astrodome and the former World Trade Center.

Sunday is your last chance to see Modern Design in the Valley:an exhibit of Knoll-related furniture designers working in the Upper Perkiomen Valley at the Schwenkfelder Library and Heritage Museum, 105 Seminary Avenue, Pennsburg. Admission is free.

This exhibit introduces the colony of designers from a tiny corner of Pennsylvania whose impact was felt across the nation and even throughout the world through their furniture designs. Some are well known while others remain skilled artisans working quietly behind the scenes. We feature nine furniture designers in this exhibition. Two, Don Albinson and Harry Bertoia, are no longer living. Robert De Fuccio and Richard Schultz are both retired. Jim Eldon, Tom Latone and Bill Shea of Shea and Latone, Inc., and David Wothers are all active designers working full time in the craft they love. Götz Unger teaches design to students at Philadelphia University.

The exhibit engages each designer in three ways: First, through the evolution of a design, the visitor sees the design process in action. Through sketches, models, prototypes, catalog and marketing information, an item changes and transforms until the product is presented in use in its intended environment. Second, each designer is requested to present or describe a design-related product they most enjoyed creating. Third, the designer’s most significant item that went into production is presented and explained. This exhibit features the creativity of skilled designers and showcases the craftsmanship of a hard-working and welcoming community.

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