Blackout Driver in Macungie Saturday Night

The local band Blackout Driver (which includes the very local Josh Lampe) has a show at Longswamp Tavern, 20 Gap Road, Macungie on Saturday, June 15th. They’ll start playing at 9 pm.

Blackout Driver formed in early 2009 when longtime friends and local music scene veterans Josh Pretko, Brian Pettit, and Jason Douglas got together to jam with a friend who was visiting from out of town. After deciding that they were happy with the songwriting dynamic, that jam session has lasted long after their friend went back home. They quickly brought in Mike Manes, another close friend and longstanding member of the local scene to fill in on bass duties.

They have spent their time writing their brand of heavy rock music laced with intricate guitar interplay and harmonies backed by powerful drums and bass. Not content with writing standard rock and roll fare, their songs are marked with many changes in timing, tempo, and key, while maintaining heavy grooves and powerful riffs. They brought on veteran Lehigh Valley vocalist Josh Lampe in the spring of 2011 to complete the band’s line up.

from their Facebook bio


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