Reading of Shakespeare’s Star Wars – Saturday, Oct 5th

It is a period of civil war.
The spaceships of the rebels, striking swift
From base unseen, have gain’d a vict’ry o’er
The cruel Galactic Empire, now adrift.
Amidst the battle, rebel spies prevail’d
And stole the plans to a space station vast,
And crush a planet: ’tis the DEATH STAR blast.
Pursu’d by agents sinister and cold,
Now Princess Leia to her home doth flee,
Deliv’ring plans and a new hope they hold:
Of bringing freedom to the galaxy.
In time so long ago begins our play,
In star-crossed galaxy far, far away.

Starting at 7 p.m. at Java Good Day Cafe, you are invited to join in reading out loud Shakespeare’s latest play, Star Wars; Verily a New Hope, this Saturday, October 5th . There will be a circle of half a dozen chairs and whoever wants to read out loud can choose one of those chairs. There will be additional seating for anyone who wants to read along silently, or just listen and enjoy the show. There will be breaks during which readers inside the circle can give up their seats to anyone outside of the circle who would like a turn to read out loud. Bring your own copy of the play, or buy one at Java that night.

Everyone is welcome. Shakespearean and Star Wars costumes are optional.

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