Be a Patron of the Arts

Be a patron of the arts and have your name listed online for $10, or in print for $25, as a supporter of Upper Perk’s own free music festival, Make Music Upper Perk. If you’d like a limited edition MMUP 2014 Supporter t-shirt, in addition to having your good name listed as a supporter, pledge $50. More details and pledging options can be found online.

Just go to the Kickstarter Make Music Upper Perk page and pledge your support.

In 2013 a small group of volunteers put together the first ever Make Music Upper Perk music festival; a one day celebration of the role of music in our lives – all free and open to the public. Music was played in seven public spaces in three towns in Upper Perkiomen Valley by over 100 musicians; ranging from elementary students to an amateur banjo maker to professional musicians. There were trumpets, dulcimers, a celtic harp, electric guitars, drums, a choir singing a cappella, a hymn sing, rock and roll, blues, banjo strumming, piano playing, violins, and original singer songwriters testing out their newest material. No one was paid and everyone had a great time. So much so that we are doing it again this year.

Last year’s event was funded on a shoestring, primarily out-of-pocket, with some help from our co-sponsors, FAME  (Families Advancing Music Education), Grace Notes Piano Studio, and ValleyArtScene. This year we want to spread the word so that more people are involved, as part of the festival and part of the audience. To do that we need to print more flyers, postcard handouts, programs, yard signs ( front of the venues), additional advertising (t-shirts?), and maps to help everyone find the concert locations. We also would like to be able to provide some light refreshments for the musicians, especially the ones who will be out in the hot sun on June 21st, and cover the random miscellaneous costs we haven’t thought of yet, but are bound to come up (Balloons! Scotch tape! Poster Board! Trash Bags!). The money you donate will go into the FAME bank account, and be used solely for Make Music Upper Perk (MMUP).

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