It’s the final countdown”

Just 8 hours left until midnight when the Kickstarter campaign to fund Make Music Upper Perk 2014 (MMUP2014) comes to close. You still have time to  support the June 21st music festival, and receive mention in the festival programs, a “patron of the arts” t-shirt, a CD, or a seat at the VIP reserved table on the day of the event.

For our second annual Make Music Upper Perk music festival we have already started lining up musicians to play in 9 public spaces in three towns, ranging from elementary aged students to professional musicians. We expect to hear trumpets, dulcimers, a celtic harp, electric guitars, drums,  a hymn sing, rock and roll, blues, banjo strumming, piano playing, violins, original singer songwriters testing out their newest material, the Red Hill Band, and maybe even a bagpiper.

Keep checking back for more information on MMUP2014.

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