Video Montage of Make Music Upper Perk 2014 at Kickstarter

Check out the video at Kickstarter and see the range of performers and performance spaces from Make Music Upper Perk 2014 (and get a hint as to what you might see and hear on Sunday, June 21st at this year’s Make Music Upper Perk). And while you are there,  you can make your pledge to support this great local musical event (and receive a thank you gift from us to you).

Make Music Upper Perk postcard 2015 for HS program

In 2014, Make Music Upper Perk (MMUP) grew from 100 musicians at seven public spaces to over 150 musicians performing in nine public spaces in three towns in the Upper Perkiomen Valley. There were drummers, a barbershop quartet,  a dozen dulcimer players, a celtic harpist, banjos, violins, a swing band, a heavy metal band, original singer-songwriters, classic folk music, and classical strings players, to list just a few of the musical performances supplied by players ranging from elementary students to an amateur banjo-maker, to a songwriter releasing her first CD at MMUP, to professional musicians. No one was paid and everyone on stage and in the audience had an amazing time.

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