Musicians! Be Part of a Great Gig – the Make Music Upper Perk Festival!

Blog Post by Tom Cooney

As musicians, we’re always looking for cool gigs and places to share our music with people.  Whether we’re beginning performers, serious hobbyists, or seasoned pros, we always love to play for others.  Well, this gig is one of the most special you’ll ever play.  It’s “Make Music Upper Perk 2015” on Sunday, June 21.  It’s a fun, laid back, and supportive gig with good vibrations all around.  Having played “MMUP” last year, I can tell you it’s a gig and day you’ll enjoy and remember!

Held across many venues in the Upper Perk Valley area, “MMUP” is part of the global “International Make Music Day” celebration held every June 21st.  Started in 1982 in France, “Fete de la Musique” is a free, local music day around the world.  With hundreds of sites across the globe – including Paris, Berlin, Dublin, Beijing, Osaka, Sydney, Nairobi, Tanger, Montevideo, Upper Perkiomen Valley, PA, etc. – you’ll be participating in a true international celebration of music … “A one day celebration of the role of music in our lives!” There’s no other gig like it!

All styles of music are welcome, all levels of musicians, all ages, cover material and originals!  You can sign-up for 30 or 60-minute time slots, and you can play at more than one venue (if other time slots are available). The venues vary – most venues will have a small PA system, some venues will have a piano.  Sign-up for the venue(s) that fits what you do.

Registration for musicians for MMUP 2015 is now online! Sign up until April 30th.  So, please come on out and share your love of music with Upper Perk, and with the world!

Peace and Good Music,


MMUP Musician Sign-up Page

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