New for MMUP 2016 – Songwriters in the Round

Guest blog by Tom Cooney

SONGWRITERS IN THE ROUND session at Make Music Upper Perk 2016!

One of the special sessions at this year’s Make Music Upper Perk festival on June 21 is a “Songwriters in the Round” session. It’s an opportunity for songwriters of all levels, including beginners, to share songs with each other in a relaxed and informal environment.

The “in the round” format is fun! Everyone sits in a large circle with their instruments and we “pass the song” … Meaning, we go around the circle and each share one song at a time. Each person sets up the song they are sharing with a brief intro, and then they play it live. (If you have any pre-recorded accompanying track(s) you want to use, that’s ok.)

It’s a supportive setting where fellow songwriters express their appreciation for what you play. It’s NOT a songwriting workshop or a critique session. It’s just playing and sharing. There’s usually a small audience at these sessions too.

Some normal guidelines for this type of session are: All styles of music are welcome; You can record your own song(s) when you play it, but not record the songs of others; Also, your song should be yours, of course, and somehow copyrighted. (Please refer to copyright rules for information. Note that a song is protected from the moment you record it in a replayable format, and the file has a date and time stamp; the paperwork can be submitted later.)

So, sign up for this fun session and share your craft with fellow musicians and listeners in a relaxed and supportive space!

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