Yarn Bombing!

I forgot to mention that there is Yarn Bombing at Musikfest in Bethlehem! Over at Handwerkplatz, the same area where the Sculpture Garden and artisan craft fair is set up, below Main Street on the north side of Bethlehem; “The Knitter’s Edge staff and community are back to yarn bomb Musikfest again. Stroll through Handwerkplatz and check out their colorful creations.” There is no admission fee to walk around, look at the artwork, crafts, and yarn creations, while listening to the music drifting over from the stages a few yards away.

As defined by The Knitter’s Edge;

Yarn Bombing is the act of covering an area or objects with knit and/or crochet pieces.

Why Yarn Bombing?

Why not?! We love YARN, and why not show off your work?! We, The Knitter’s Edge staff and community, are Yarn Bombing Musikfest because we can (and the fact that it’s a lot of fun)! After Musikfest, we will be sewing the pieces together into afghans, which will then be donated to a local charity.

Alas, I haven’t made it to Bethlehem this week, yet, so no photos of this year’s yarn bombing. But if you have no clue what I’m writing about (and don’t feel like googling ) here are some photos I took outside of a restaurant in Minnesota last summer, where some trees had been yarn bombed.


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One Response to Yarn Bombing!

  1. Susan Royer says:

    I never heard this phenomena named, though I have seen it. Thanks for the info!


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