Drum roll please! Kickstarter Campaign is now live!


Our March 2017 Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to support Make Music Upper Perk 2017 went live at noon on Friday, March 3rd. Any donation is gratefully accepted  (the thank you gifts do vary, based on donation). The Kickstarter campaign ends at midnight on March 31, 2017.

Money raised from our supporters allows us to print flyers and save the date cards, as well as print programs and maps to be distributed at the local library, senior center, and other places around town, and to print our program in the local newspaper.  We’d like to get some yard signs so we can expand the area covered and continue to spread the word about the event, and grow our audiences.

We want everyone to be a part of Make Music Upper Perk – whether you want to perform, sing, tap your toes, clap in appreciation, volunteer, Like us on Facebook, or tell your friends about the festival. Support us however you can and know that you helped make it happen.

Photos, videos, and last year’s performance schedule can be found on this blog, and at Make Music Upper Perk on Facebook.

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