Photos from MMUP 2017!

Thanks to our two outstanding roving photographers,  Kristi Morris of Littlewing Studio and Art Olsen, as well as the photographer from our local newspaper, The Town and Country, there are more photographs than we can possibly post on this blog or on Facebook from this year’s Make Music Upper Perk. (And this isn’t even counting the audience members who took photos and video and graciously shared them with us through social media!)

So, we are sharing the links to the photo galleries in order that they are available for everyone to see and enjoy them. If you are interested in copies, digital or print, of the photos, please contact the photographers directly.

MMUP 2017Littlewing Studio (Kristi Morris)

Make Music Upper Perk 2017 Art Olsen Photography

MMUP photos from 6/29/2017 edition of Town and Country Newspaper

We do plan on sharing some of these photos on this blog, and on other social media, throughout the year. And if you have any photos or video from the day that you’d like to share with us and the public, please send them to us or feel free to post on the Make Music Upper Perk Facebook page.




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