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“Virtual Writer in Residence” – Australia to East Greenville

Laura Goodin is virtual writer in residence at Diehl’s Real Teas (Main Street, East Greenville, PA), is running an online discussion group for writers, and has offered to Skype with writing groups meeting at Diehl’s Real Teas. Laura is writing short stories just for Diehl’s, which can be found at their website on the “virtual writer in residence” page.

Hi, fellow writers —

Just a reminder that EVERYONE is welcome in this group. They don’t have to live in the area. So if you have other writer friends, no matter where they live, please go right ahead and ask them if they’d like to join.

Moreover, NaNoWriMo is fast approaching (see if you’re not sure what I’m talking about), and I’d love to set up a real-time write-in during November at Diehl’s Real Teas, perhaps even with a Skype link between me in Australia and y’all in the tea shop so we could all write together. Who’s interested?

Your Virtual Writer-in-Residence,


The discussion group for writers who come and drink tea (and write) at Diehl’s Real Teas in East Greenville, PA. Associated with the Virtual Writer-in-Residence project, run by writer Laura E. Goodin in conjunction with owners Kevin and Fenny.

Laura Goodin is author of several plays, librettos, poems, short stories, and two published novels, After the Bloodwood Staff, and Mud and Glass.


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