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download_fichier_fr_download_fichier_fr_logo_fmMake Music Upper Perk – ALWAYS ON JUNE 21st!

Planning has already begun for the next MMUP, Friday, June 21, 2019!

 ” a one day celebration of the role of music in our lives”

Upper Perkiomen Valley, Pennsylvania (northeastern PA, 40 miles north of Philadelphia, 17 miles from Allentown, 10 miles from Quakertown)


photographer – Kristi Morris of Littlewing Studio


photographer – Kristi Morris of Littlewing Studio

Sign ups for musicians for 2019 open online on February 1, 2019.

2018 Program

2018 Map






We invite everyone to come out and be a part of our seventh year celebrating music in the Upper Perkiomen Valley; all day, all free, all over the Valley.
Make Music Upper Perk (MMUP) is part of a world-wide celebration of music held every year in 108 countries on the summer solstice, June 21st; always free and open to the public. MMUP is an all-volunteer event. No one, not even the musicians, is paid.

Musicians come from the Upper Perk Valley and surrounding areas, and include amateurs and professionals; ranging in ages from 5 years old to 80+?, playing and singing all types of music from folk to Celtic to punk rock; jazz to pops orchestra to Sousa.



Mark  your calendar to today for Make Music Upper Perk 2019 – Friday, June 21st.

Volunteers are welcome (and encouraged) to sign up as well.

We are always looking for folks to help with publicity, social media, a “maestro of spontaneous fun” (set up mass performance opportunities; sing-alongs, drum-alongs, guitar-alongs, etc,) blog writers, musician outreach, student outreach, bakers, roadies, videographers, photographers, and more. Check out our detailed volunteer information and sign up today!

Make Music – where everything is free and it’s all open to the public! We are part of the international event; “Launched in 1982 by the French Ministry for culture, the Fête de la Musique is held in more than hundred countries in Europe and over the world. It takes place every 21st June, the day of the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere.” Make Music Upper Perk is officially part of  Fete de la Musique – look for us on their world map!

“National Music Day is music in the streets, music in your church, music in the cafes, the parks, and wherever you feel like playing. National Music Day is the one day a year we celebrate the central role of music in our lives and our country through free, open, and accessible events throughout the U.S. and the world.”

Every June 21st is National Music Day.

If you would like to add your venue and find your own musicians (whether it be a church choir, a brass quartet, or one person with a guitar) and merely list that event on the website program, that too would be fine. Tell us, and  it will be included in the publicity and in the online program.

More FAQs about Make Music Upper Perk

And keep checking back here, and on Facebook,  and on Twitter @MakeMusicUP, for more information on #MMUP19

Make Music Upper Perk  is a free event organized by volunteers, co-sponsored by ValleyArtScene and Grace Notes Piano Studio.

See what happened at Make Music Upper Perk over the last 3  years by checking out photos, vine videos on ValleyArtScene’s Twitter feed , and longer videos and other postings at our MMUP Facebook page (and like us on Facebook, while you are there).

Our roving photographers, Kristi Morris of Littlewing Studio (Pennsburg, PA) and Art Olsen have taken many wonderful photos during Make Music Upper Perk over the years. Photographs from last year’s event, Make Music Upper Perk 2018 may be viewed online by filing the links below (anyone interested in digital copies or prints should contact the photographers);

Littlewing Studio MMUP18

We also made the local papers:

Annual Music Festival Hits All the Right Notes Across the Valley (2015 article)

Annual Music Festival Celebrates Abundance of Local Talent (2014 article)

A special thank you to those

who supported us financially in 2018!


  • The Creeden Family
  • The Grohowski Family
  • Karin Lea and Rick Hummel
  • Fred and Pam Morris


  • Margaret Cox
  • Amity and Cory Grim and Family
  • Chris and Susan High
  • The Howe Family
  • Forrest and Betty Kreiger
  • Peter and Brenda Pardun
  • Revs. Pence and Family
  • The Piza Family
  • Grafton Piano


  • The Buckwalter Family
  • Rosemarie and Richard Hartzell
  • Michele Hohlfeld, RE/MAX Realtors
  • Priscilla Kistler
  • Cathy Olsen
  • Perkiomen Animal Hospital
  • Catharine Roseberry
  • Trudy Royer
  • Diane and Bob Tipping
  • Frank and Donna Falk


  • Deborah and Tim Clemens
  • Life Long Learning

35 Responses to Make Music Upper Perk

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  2. Richard Maurer says:

    Four TRAK Sound Barbershop quartet signed up to paticipate in Make Music Upper Perk Day Saturday June 21st. I seemed to have misplaced the details as to where we will be performing and at what time. If you could please send the necessary info, that would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks, Rich Maurer

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  21. was in Oregon for 7 weeks, just back–how do i play next year, please?–40 years on guitar, mandolin, fiddle, banjo–………thank you Dave

    • Online registration usually runs from February to the middle of April. This is an all volunteer event, so none of the musicians are paid but all are welcome to promote themselves and their other gigs, sell cd’s, etcetera (but no “passing the hat”).

      If you’d like to play this Tuesday, June 21st, we might be able to find a way to fit you in – let me know if you are interested and I will check things out and let you know this weekend.

      Thanks for your interest. Cathy S.

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