MMUP 2018 Musicians

Here’s who is scheduled to play on June 21st as part of Make Music Upper Perk 2018

Acoustic Blues Project 
5 p.m. Mario’s, East Greenville
6:30 p.m. St. Mark’s Gazebo

Alex Allegra  original, country classics & pop
6:30 p.m. Art on Main

Ian Althouse  alternative and mixed rock
2 p.m. Mario’s, East Greenville

Ariel and Her Band of Brothers  jazz/alt folk
6:30 Java

Marie Bechtel  showtunes, oldies, hymns, piano
11:30 a.m. The Center at Open Link, East Greenville

Before the Curtain Closes  rock
8 p.m. Bike and Sol

Camp Men-O-Lan  contemporary Christian music
4:00 p.m. St. Mark’s Gazebo

Campfire Sing-Along
9 p.m. New Goshenhoppen Park (led by Steve Walker)
9 p.m. Porch at Pennsburg UCC (led by Betsy Manning)

Meghan Carlin  ukulele
12:15 Chiaro’s, Green Lane
2 p.m. Java

Tim Clemens  folk singer
2:30 p.m. Upper Perkiomen Library

Tom Cooney  folk, blues, singer-songwriter
12:30 p.m. Diehl’s Real Teas
3 p.m. Java

Jon Dale; Family Program: The 5-string banjo – a truly American instrument
7 p.m. Upper Perkiomen Library

Dan Norris Band  folk/rock

Gabe Delp  acoustic guitar, singer-songwriter
10 a.m. Java
11 a.m. M&J Gourmet
1 p.m. Mario’s, East Greenville
4 p.m. Upper Perkiomen Library

Deer Hill guitars, psaltry, mandolin, banjo, fiddle
12 p.m. Kaufman House
4:30 p.m. Art on Main

Alyssa Dodge pop, singer-songwriter
9:30 a.m. YMCA
11:30 a.m. Java
2:30 p.m. Upper Perkiomen Thrift Shop, Pennsburg

Tom and Betty Druckenmiller guitar, banjo, fiddle, vocals
6 p.m. Art on Main

Matthew Esposito  neo-romantic piano
11 a.m. Center at Open Link
12 p.m. Schwenkfelder Library and Heritage Center
1 p.m. Java

RaeVona Fisher  pop, R&B, rock
6:30 p.m. Porch at Pennsburg UCC

Ryleigh Fisher  pop, R&B, rock
7 p.m. Porch at Pennsburg UCC

11 a.m. Upper Perkiomen Library
12:30 p.m. Java

Alfred Fox  original pop songs
3:30 Java

Logan Freund  folk/alt rock
10:30 a.m. Java
1 p.m. WingMan

Margaret Friedman  opera, pop, classical vocals

Funky Frets Uke Workshop  ukes provided
2 p.m. Upper Perkiomen Library

Joshua Giannini  alternative rock
5:30 p.m. St. Mark’s Gazebo/Lawn

Payel Girwarr New Age
3:30 p.m. Art on Main

Max Gorman vocalist
10 a.m. Upper Perk YMCA

Grace Notes Piano Studio
2:30 p.m. Schwenkfelder Library and Heritage Center

Gram and the Grims  piano
1 p.m. The Center at Open Link, East Greenville
5:30 p.m. Java

Bob Grover and Barry Friedman  Texas country music
5 p.m.  Java

Harmony Corner Music Studio
1:30 p.m. Schwenkfelder Library and Heritage Center

Ethan Harris  Broadway tunes
4 p.m. Java

Diane Hartung Celtic Fiddle
10 am UP Library

Homeword Bound
5:30 p.m. Art on Main

GR Horst  country, rock, blues, singer-songwriter
4 p.m. Art on Main
5:30 p.m. Porch at Pennsburg UCC

Hymn Sing with Howard Holtje
5 p.m. St. Mark’s

Indian Valley Dulcimer Society
12 p.m. The Center at the Open Link

Gareth Irons  acoustic rock
6 p.m. YMCA

James R  punk/grunge singer-songwriter
10:30 am Thrift Shop
6 p.m. St. Mark’s Gazebo

Paul Johnston  folk
4 p.m. Mario’s, East Greenville
6 p.m. Pennsburg UCC

Mackenzie Keith  piano improv
12 p.m. Java

Lehigh Valley Pops Orchestra
11 a.m. YMCA

Betsy Manning  humor and torch songs on ukulele
9:30 a.m. Java
11:30 a.m. Upper Perkiomen Thrift Shop, Pennsburg
9 p.m. Leader of Campfire Sing-along at Pennsburg UCC

Mark and Coral  folk
11:30 M&J Gourmet
1:30 Java

Patrick McGovern  uplifting folk classics
12 p.m. Mario’s, East Greenville
4:30 Java

Music Time with Ms Trish  parent and me music class
10:30 Upper Perkiomen Library

Music Video Showcase
3 pm Upper Perkiomen Library

Shreyasee & Aishee Nanda  classical piano
11 a.m. Java

Ode to Joy acoustic, Celtic, doo-wop

Ralph Pagano  folk/rock
10:30 a.m. Diehl’s
12 p.m. M&J

Pennsylvania Jon  folk-country, bluegrass
11:30 a.m.Diehl’s
2:00 p.m. M&J Gourmet

Peregrine Americana A cappella
6 p.m. Java

The Randall eclectic mix
5 p.m. Art on Main

Red Hill Band
7 p.m. St. Mark’s Lawn

Walt Schilling  singer-songwriter
5 p.m. Porch at Pennsburg UCC

Shoddy Hollow  blues and rock
7 p.m. Mario’s, East Greenville

Addie Sicher  piano
9 a.m. Java
10:30 a.m. The Center at Open Link

Thaddeus David Storme  pop/rock/classical – light and music show
9 p.m. Bike and Sol

Jake Stoudt and Tom Yanushefski  folk/acoustic
7 p.m. Art on Main

Summer Solstice Community Drum Circle  (drums provided or bring your own)
7:30 p.m. Pennsburg UCC

Surrogate Band (Tim Gehring)  acoustic lo-fi blues punk
11:30 a.m. Chiaro’s, Green Lane
1:30 p.m. Upper Perkiomen Thrift Shop, Pennsburg
2:30 p.m. Java
6 p.m. Mario’s

Tshila  Ugandan singer-songwriter
3 p.m. Art on Main

UROCK LLC  one man rock band
3:30 p.m. Upper Perkiomen Thrift Shop, Pennsburg
7 p.m. Bike and Sol

Valley Choral Society
7 p.m. YMCA

Steve Walker  folk singer-songwriter
10:30 a.m. YMCA
12 noon WingMan
1:30 p.m. M&J Gourmet
9 p.m. Leader for Campfire Sing-along at New Goshenhoppen Park

Kaitlyn Waterson and David Brown  classical and Irish folk music
2 p.m. Schwenkfelder Library and Heritage Center

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