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download_fichier_fr_download_fichier_fr_logo_fmMake Music Upper Perk – ALWAYS ON JUNE 21st!

Make Music Upper Perk will be held on Wednesday, June 21, 2023.

2022 we celebrated the 10th year of the all day, free celebration of music, on over one dozen locations throughout the Upper Perkiomen Valley!

Volunteer Signup is ongoing, if you want to be part of making Make Music Upper Perk happen!

Musician registration for 2022 has now closed. (Check back in February 2023 to sign up for next year’s event.)

Make Music Upper Perk is always free and open to the public, relying on volunteers, local nonprofits and businesses sharing their spaces, and donations large and small to cover costs.  You can now make a donation via PayPal, using your credit card or PayPal account. Make Music Upper Perk is a nonprofit that became a 501(c)3 in 2019.  (Donations may also be made by sending a check with MMUP donation form.)

Donate with PayPal

Donor levels are as follows;

      • $10 Friend
      • $25 Supporter
      • $50 Patron
      • $100 Producer
      • $150 (or more) Maestro

Last year, on Monday, June 21st, 2021, we were live and in-person, and outdoors, and also had a virtual presence – check out our Facebook page to see videos and hear some of the music from this year’s event!  (you don’t have to join Facebook to check it out)

Make Music Upper Perk went virtual on Sunday, June 21, 2020.  And many of the performance in 2021 were livestreamed on Facebook, where many of the videos can still be seen. Don’t worry if you missed it, because all the recorded music and the livestreams are still available to view, free of charge, on the Facebook – Make Music Upper Perk page and YouTube – Virtual Make Music Upper Perk 2020 channel.

Make Music Upper Perk is ” a one day celebration of the role of music in our lives”

Upper Perkiomen Valley, Pennsylvania (northeastern PA, 40 miles north of Philadelphia, 17 miles from Allentown, 10 miles from Quakertown)


photographer – Kristi Morris of Littlewing Studio


photographer – Kristi Morris of Littlewing Studio

Make Music Upper Perk (MMUP) is part of a world-wide celebration of music held every year in 108 countries on the summer solstice, June 21st; always free and open to the public. MMUP is an all-volunteer event. No one, not even the musicians, is paid.

Musicians come from the Upper Perk Valley and surrounding areas, and include amateurs and professionals; ranging in ages from 5 years old to 80+?, playing and singing all types of music from folk to Celtic to punk rock; jazz to pops orchestra to Sousa.



Mark  your calendar to today for Make Music Upper Perk 2022 – Tuesday, June 21st.

Volunteers are welcome (and encouraged) to sign up as well.

We are always looking for folks to help with publicity, social media, a “maestro of spontaneous fun” (set up mass performance opportunities; sing-alongs, drum-alongs, guitar-alongs, etc,) blog writers, musician outreach, student outreach, bakers, roadies, videographers, photographers, and more. Check out our detailed volunteer information and sign up today!

Make Music – where everything is free and it’s all open to the public! We are part of the international event; “Launched in 1982 by the French Ministry for culture, the Fête de la Musique is held in more than hundred countries in Europe and over the world. It takes place every 21st June, the day of the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere.” 

Make Music Upper Perk is officially part of  Fete de la Musique – look for us on their world map!

“National Music Day is music in the streets, music in your church, music in the cafes, the parks, and wherever you feel like playing. National Music Day is the one day a year we celebrate the central role of music in our lives and our country through free, open, and accessible events throughout the U.S. and the world.”

Every June 21st is National Music Day.

If you would like to add your venue and find your own musicians (whether it be a church choir, a brass quartet, or one person with a guitar) and merely list that event on the website program, that too would be fine. Tell us, and  it will be included in the publicity and in the online program.

More FAQs about Make Music Upper Perk

And keep checking back here, and on Facebook,  and on Twitter @MakeMusicUP, for more information on #MakeMusicUpperPerk

Make Music Upper Perk  is a free event organized by volunteers, co-sponsored by ValleyArtScene and Grace Notes Piano Studio.

Over 1200 photographs were taken by five volunteer photographers (and a couple by a few others) at 19 locations through the Upper Perkiomen Valley over 13 hours in one day – Tuesday, June 21st – at Make Music Upper Perk 2022.

Photos by Art Olsen – Zenfolio | Art Olsen Photography | Make Music Upper Perk 2022

Photos by Dave Lewis, Brian McNeill, Lee Shultz, Jake Wink – there are 20 unique sets of photos from 2022 at this site! –

Enjoy the photographs and memories, and don’t forget to save the date – Wednesday, June 21, 2023 – for next year’s Make Music Upper Perk!

We also made the local papers:

Annual Music Festival Hits All the Right Notes Across the Valley (2015 article)

Annual Music Festival Celebrates Abundance of Local Talent (2014 article)

A special thank you to those

who supported us financially in 2022!


  • Joe Lazorik
  • Robin and Guy Pisa
  • John Schultz


  • Susan Arraje
  • Susan Coryat
  • Susan Curtis
  • Laura Goodin
  • Linda Hehn
  • Cliff and Jackie Lauchnor
  • Maribeth and Pete Reigner
  • Clifford J. Stackonis
  • Jean Thobaben


  • Margaret Cox
  • Patricia and Ron Grubb
  • Robin Harris, In Memory of Bob Grover
  • Sue and Chris High
  • David and Nancy Hopkins
  • The Howe Family
  • Susan McNeill
  • Pam and Fred Morris
  • Katie Reed


  • Kathy Bieler
  • The Buckwalters
  • Falk Funeral Home and Cremations
  • Amity and Cory Grim
  • Harmony Corner Music
  • Richard and Ro Hartzell
  • Michele Hohlfeld, RE/MAX Reliance
  • Priscilla Kistler
  • Art and Cathy Olsen
  • Brenda Pardun
  • Revs. Nick and Barb Pence
  • CWTAP Television – Jason Ritter
  • Stauffer Glove and Safety
  • Perkiomen Animal Hospital


  • Deborah and Tim Clemens
  • Life Long Learning
  • Sean and Dawn MacBain
  • Perkiomen Animal Hospital
  • Trudy Royer

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  13. Robert Sperring says:

    We would love to play.

    • We’re glad to hear it! Before we had a chance to respond last, we saw that you signed up for this year’s Make Music Upper Perk – you’ll be receiving an email from us soon. Thanks for being in touch, and we look forward to hearing you on Sunday, June 21st!

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