MMUP Code of Conduct


  1. Be kind.

Treat others with kindness and respect. Be inclusive and friendly, like we try to get our kids to be. This underlies everything else.

  1. Don’t harass others.

These are not allowed; any kind of physical, verbal, or psychological abuse; threats, intimidation, and bullying; slurs about race, gender, ability, religion, ethnicity, or sexuality; unwanted romantic attention, sexual harassment. If someone asks you to stop doing something and you keep doing it, that’s harassment.

  1. Be nice to our volunteers.

Number 1 up there applies to everyone working the event, too.

  1. Be nice to the venue.

Clean up after yourself. Respect the facility. Be super nice to the venue’s staff. Tip well. (That last one applies everywhere.)

  1. Follow the law and follow the rules.

Enough said. Yes, this includes no alcohol for those under 21 and no drug use.

If you witness any conduct that violates these policies, or believe that you are being or have been harassed, tell the Site Host who will first take action to ensure one’s safety and second will contact the the top organizers AND/OR you may contact the organizers directly; Cathy Sweeney 610-310-5026 or Susan Royer 610-858-1297. To be clear: if you see something problematic, tell someone; that’s your responsibility as a person engaging in society if you can do so safely. If you cannot find the Site Host or you must leave a message, please remember to give details of how, when, and where you can be contacted. You may also email the organizers at

The policies, and contacts will be posted at events. You have our personal commitment that harassment won’t be tolerated and we’ll deal with problems promptly. Because we’re involved in a range of events with different venues and contexts, we can’t make a general statement here about precisely what the process will be in all situations, but I do mean “deal with” appropriately and thoroughly.

MMUP Code of Conduct 2018 pdf